Buyers are liars, so they say.

Buyers are liars, so they say. I participated in some sales training last year. One of the trainer’s big points was that buyers lie to you. In fact, his whole approach was very aggressive and even a little combative “in a nice way”. I am not sure that is the…

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If We Both Win It’s Not Selling!??

I came across this Dilbert Comic strip the other day. I had to laugh out loud and then cry, because it
represents the views of many sales professionals. In the strip the sales executive says, “If we both win, it’s not selling.”

I strongly disagree. You have heard me say this before in other ways but look at how many sales executives talk; “I eat what I kill,” “I am a hunter,” “we have to be aggressive.”
All of that language has …

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Discovery in the Sales Process

In order to enhance our success at making a sale we want to make sure we understand what the buyer is seeking. I know, it sounds obvious. How many times have you gone into the store looking for
something and the seller tries to sell you what they want to sell.

Before we can present the best solution, we need to understand more about the buyer’s situation:
–    Where they see the need
–    The impact of that need on him/her personally
–    Impact on their …

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Selling Principles

Every Once and awhile I encounter someone who has a voice that resonates with me. One of those is Charles Green who has a blog The Trusted Advisor. He
recently posted this on Selling from Principle on his blog and I highly encourage you to read it. It is a
refreshing take on sales that professional sales people and business people should listen closely to. He reminds us of the need for a focus on the customer for the customers sake not ours. He …

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An Approach to Success

I am convinced that most of us understand our business and our value proposition well enough that if given the chance we can attract customers when given an opportunity to present. The challenge is

that buyers are getting hundreds of calls a week and hundreds of messages a week trying to sell them something. Additionally, they are busy trying to manage their business. “text-decoration: underline;”>So how do we engage them in a conversation that may uncover an opportunity? It is all in the approach.

There are essentially two ways to approach …

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Are We Lying to Our Customers?

Why do we buy, what we buy from the companies we buy from? Because of Trust!  I shop at Whole Foods and I stop at Panera’s for lunch and I buy my suits from John at Men’s Wearhouse, because I trust the experiences there. When people buy from us, they…

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