Mobile Apps changing the way buyers buy, should it change the way we sell?

Warning Rant Ahead!!!

I read in the Wall Street Journal today about how buyers
are using Mobile Applications to compare prices even while they are in a store. In the article a young man found a better price at Amazon and bought right on the spot. That is he purchased from
Amazon while in a Best Buy store!

As I read about these kinds of shifts where buyers go to the trouble of “shopping” and then find the cheapest price I get a little frustrated. …

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What can Oprah Winfrey Teach us About Selling? (or leading, managing, relationships?)

I watched a bit of the interview Barbara Walters did with Oprah Winfrey the other day. Barbara interviewed one of Oprah’s guests, Dr. Mehmet Oz,  for the show. He nailed one of her key
attributes for success – Listening.

“She hears what you are saying”
    “She hears much more than what you are verbally saying”
        “She hears your emotions, the pain in your heart, the thoughts in your head”

“So what, she’s a talk show host,” you might say. When we can …

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Life Isn’t Fair, so Why Should I Be?

Earlier this week in an exercise the question, “Why do you always have to play fair, life isn’t…” was asked.

The readers of this blog know that I have a firm belief that the things that are hard to measure make a measurable difference in our success and quality of life. I am talking about things like,
Truth, Generosity, Attitude and so on. When the question of fairness hit the radar my reaction was, “Hell yes, we have to play fair. ” However, do we?

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How Much Control Do We have

I was reading yesterday morning and getting my attitude on, and I read about control. In particular I read how it is important to recognize what we can
control (and focus there) vs. what we can’t control, (great way to get frustrated)
. And, that led me to think of my chosen profession, selling and business development.

If you think about it, traditionally sales people were hired to control the thinking of others to get them to change their minds and …

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Cold Calling for Success

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; selling is a life skill. Regardless of your profession, you will have to use selling skills to get ahead. In this essay, we are going to explore one of the
more terrifying aspects of selling. The Cold call

There are a number of activities that go into selling. Arguably, the most challenging is “Cold Calling”. Talk to almost any salesperson and ask them what their least favorite part of the game is and
they will tell you cold calling. And yet, if we don’t …

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