It is all in the details

When making a sales call or presentation, how do you respond when people ask you, how you do what you do, or how you help others”? Do you say something

We outperform the industry average, OR we average a 16.94% recovery rate and that out performs the industry    average as reported by
the ACA by almost 70%.

Which response leaves you wanting to know more?

I am …

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Can you sell from your cell?

The other day I called a software company to discuss an upgrade to their service offering that I purchase. They passed me though two lead “qualifiers (b”ad move guys) and then told me “a sales
person will call you back”.

Brooke called me back from her mobile phone in an area that had a poor signal. Literally every other sentence was dropped. I finally told her to call me from a land-line. What did she do? She moved
to a new location …

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Your Attention – A Precious Resource

Reading in the April Issue of Science of Mind Magazine, I read the following quote by Gary Malkin, “One of the most precious
resources that human beings have, is the ability to pay attention; an attention that uses all parts of our self…”

Look at that again, our ability to pay attention is precious. And yet how are we using this resource? Look around a conference and see how many people are reading their Blackberry’s or
IPhones instead of listening to the speaker they …

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What Is The Value Of A Pre-Plan

I just finished up a week of productive sales calls. By productive I mean they all moved forward to next steps in the selling process.

These were big meetings. Each has million dollar potential so I invested more time in developing my pre-plans. I considered questions to ask, their likely questions and objections, how to address
those and how to move to next steps.

 So this got me to thinking. If my meetings don’t go as planned why bother planning?

For me the …

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Mobile Apps changing the way buyers buy, should it change the way we sell?

Warning Rant Ahead!!!

I read in the Wall Street Journal today about how buyers
are using Mobile Applications to compare prices even while they are in a store. In the article a young man found a better price at Amazon and bought right on the spot. That is he purchased from
Amazon while in a Best Buy store!

As I read about these kinds of shifts where buyers go to the trouble of “shopping” and then find the cheapest price I get a little frustrated. …

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