Principle or Process Which is Most Important

Chris Banzet posted a question recently on a LinkedIn Group, BASICS Sales that asked “Principle or Process which timeless”. If you are like me you’ve answered the question.

I answered Principle. As I believe processes change. I have learned –Xerox Selling, Solution Selling, Wilson Counselor Selling, Miller Heinman and others. And each of
these processes has delivered valuable tools to move the sale forward. But in my mind principle is timeless because while processes change the principle of …

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The Gift of Feedback

I am a Toastmaster and I have discovered that it is a great organization for developing leadership skills as well as speaking skills.

One of the most powerful tools a leader or manager has is the ability to deliver feedback that helps the employee improve; while not discouraging them. If you have experience in managing people you
recognize the dilemma. You see Steve showing up on a sales call and telling the story without conducting good Discovery. As you provide feedback you notice that Steve crosses his …

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Mindfull Selling

Far too often as sales people we are so focused on getting the deal or communicating our message that we don’t hear the comment that sold the
deal. Then we talk ourselves out of it.

Typically what has happened is even though we put on our consultative selling skills and asked questions and “listened”, we allowed our thinking to get high-jacked. We heard something and while the
buyer was talking we allowed our thinking to chase down a …

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It Really Isn’t About You

You submitted your RFP Proposal and they’ve called for a demonstration. So you pull out all the stops. You are prepared to tell them all about your firm how you’ve
been in business forever, how you represent X% of the industry and all the awards you’ve achieved. If you do this you’ve lost the deal.

Remember the selection process is not about you. It is about the buyer.

What are the issues they are …

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I could never sell…

Recently at my weekly Toastmaster meeting one of our members asked me what I do. She then said, “I could never sell, I can’t lie.” Say WHAT!

This disturbs me, because throughout my career in sales I have made it a point to develop credibility and reliability. My customers can be assured that what I tell them is so and that I will deliver
what I promised. They won’t be surprised. Most of the sales professionals I know feel the same way we are committed to the …

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The Craft

I came across an article today that I have been carrying around for a couple months. It is a review of two books on selling. The article is Titled, Selling Ice To Eskimos; April 17, 2012, The

The writer points out (correctly) that, the profession of sales is changing. The old days of visiting with the sales executive for industry news and product information have been replaced. The
Internet is now a major conduit of information. I can learn about features and benefits online (if the firm has decided to tell me …

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