The Conflict in giving a referral

Recently I had a friend ask me about a relationship with an organization I had done business with. In particular, he disclosed who in the organization he was working with. Here is the dilemma. I
severed my relationship with this firm in large part due this individual and the way he did business and communicated.

A long time ago I took a course by Dale Carnegie in Human Relations and learned that if you can’t say anything good about someone you should not say anything. Yet I have a friend who has asked for

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The Immeasurable Things: Attitude.

What are the immeasurable things that make a measurable difference? The title for this blog came out of a cup of coffee with two good friends where we were discussing trends we saw in the world of
business and leadership. We were wondering why some organizations seem to thrive while others struggle.

In the course of this conversation, we talked about traits like, Attitude, Honesty, Environment, Trust, Generosity, A Smile and so on. It struck me how do you measure any of these traits? Yet, we
all notice the difference each of …

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I read an Article by Oprah the other day. She was talking about integrity in a different way. Many of us make commitments, to others; and will move heaven and earth to deliver on those commitments.
What about the commitments we make to ourselves? On these many of us often slide. We don’t deliver integrity to ourselves.

Just like Oprah, I have observed this behavior in myself. Whether it was quitting the smoking habit or making 100 cold calls in a day. I have made a commitment to myself and then slipped. Or, in …

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I saw a book today by Richard Bach. Knowing how much I like and have learned from his previous books, I considered buying it. Then I thought of all the books I have bought that did not lead to
change. Why? The answer is inertia. defines it as;  the property of matter by which it retains its state of rest or its velocity along a straight line so long as
it is not acted upon by an external force.

How many of us are stuck …

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Are Jobs Key to the Recovery?

As I was walking out of the Gym today, I glanced at the TV monitors and the headline read, “Are Jobs Key to the Recovery?”…DUH, Of course, they are key. Part of the reason the market melted down was because Wall Street and the Great Pool of Money was busy doing deals and creating money out of thin air.

A recovery won’t happen until Main Street recovers along with the markets. What that means is real people doing real working making real things and selling them.

When I read of companies like Simmons Mattress who have been bought and sold, seven times …

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The Dead Zone!

When you and I come home and turn our thermostat up or down the equipment kicks in and the temperature adjusts to a nice comfortable temperature. You and I might call this our comfort zone. What is interesting is that HVAC professionals call this the Dead Zone!

When I graduated from college, I set some goals and a Five-year plan. Then life happened. I was promoted into Sales and if I wanted the job, I was going to have to move to St. Louis MO. (That was not in my plan). I was 24 years old and …

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