Personal Integrity

I have quit smoking at least 30 times. It has now been 8 years since I had a cigarette. We all talk about integrity. I’ll bet it is part of your organizations mission statement. In fact I’ll bet you
will jump through hoops, work late and pull out all the stops to deliver on a promise you’ve made to someone. But what about the promise you made to yourself?

•    I’ll exercise three times per week
•    I’ll quit eating sugar (wheat, corn, processed foods, meat, you name it)
•    …

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If you don’t feel like it now, when will you?

I don’t feel like it

It is that time of year and everyone is making Resolutions. The gym will be crazy busy for about six weeks and then only the gym rats will remain. A study at the University of Bristol says 88% of
the resolutions made fail. WHY?

My own observation is that people create a bunch of resolutions they feel they SHOULD make. (And let’s be honest we all have something we could improve upon). That said they get started …

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What do you know? Really…

When we are born we are the proverbial blank slate. Then our parents, our teachers, our peers and the media start delivering information to us. Where there was no information there now is. And now
all new information is judged in light of the information we already have.

In the time of Copernicus and Galileo the world was flat and the Earth was at the center of the Universe; that was the truth. Today we know differently, (until we don’t).

So what does this have to do with …

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Do Be Do Be Do …Redoux

I have been having a running dialog with colleagues for several years no on the idea of “being” vs. the idea of “doing”.

I have heard things like:

–    “It’s not what you do that defines you.”
–    “We are not our work.”
–    “Be the success you want and it will happen”

I see a bit of truth in all of these statements, BUT I don’t think it is complete. I call it the do be do be do paradox. …

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Are Your Filters Too Tight?

Recently I had the opportunity to listen to a recording of Eli Pariser speaking at TED, l  regarding what he calls Filter Bubbles. This refers to the filters we establish and or that are established for us to filter information.

Many of the readers of this and other blogs use RSS Feeds as a way to create lists of what we feel is relevant content so that we don’t have to listen to or read all the other “stuff” that is
published. I know I was …

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