How to Recapture Some Time

I have recently begun working with an organization where much of the communication is conducted via email. People are expected to be on, and connected. As I look around this is increasingly a
challenge. Many of us have multiple accounts where we interact with the world electronically; Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked In, company email, private email, and that is just scratching the
surface of how many get and share information.

I have a colleague that likes to have his smart phone ring when he gets an email, while he is with his colleagues …

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Everyone Wins

Everybody Wins,The following is a true story. And it demonstrates how everyone can win when you do the right thing; even competitors in the same game. I am inspired by two things out this film. One the story and two that the story is getting play on the web. It…

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Emotion or Logic??

Recently I was intrigued by an article in a Fast Company magazine. He was talking about how we spend so much time interviewing for the right candidate.  After we hire them, we determined that they are the wrong candidate, but we hired them based on the fact that they…

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