The Chicken and the Pig at Breakfast a Story of Commitment

If you are like me at some point in your life – perhaps several; you’ve heard a boss or a coach give the commitment speech. You know the one where they say, “Are you committed? Are you really?” (Imagine loud voice, passion and excitement in the voice here) “Let’s look…

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How to Achieve Balance (If you want to)

I often read varying points of view on balance. Some say balance is the key to a happy fulfilled life. Others say that if you are balanced you can’t achieve. I believe you can have both. But if you follow the formula below, you will not achieve a static balance.…

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Wondering about Employee Engagement

Most employees come to work and are eager to do good work. They also want to develop mastery, according to studies reported by Daniel Pink in his book Drive. Yet, often we see managers stifling the
engagement of the employee.

One way we do this is by delegating too specifically. Suppose I want the employee to rearrange the shelf of product on aisle 3? If I tell them that I want the larger cans on the bottom and the
smaller on top they leave with the idea that I don’t trust their …

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Is your attorney client privilege really confidential

I love my mobile device. It helps me stay connected, it gives me a chance to keep up on emails and it is convenient. It is also
. We can become complacent with them and reveal information we don’t want to.

I am sitting in the Des Moines airport waiting for my flight when a young attorney sits down and fires up his phone. He is calling back to the attorney of his client. There are about 45 people

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Who is Managing the Business of America: The Market, or the Business Leader

It is with ironic interest that I see the media hyperbole regarding the market and investors. It seems investors are our bell weather for the state of the economy. If the market is up everyone is
happy. If the market is down we all get nervous. Yet I ask myself why?

Today’s Wall Street Journal whines that investors are worried. Well pardon me, so is the business leader. They want to build a business. They have customers and ideas. They can’t get financing
because the investors are worried.

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