A Powerful Way to Improve Your Teams with Continuous Development

As leaders, we want our teams to be tip-top with skill sets and mindsets. That requires an investment, at least of time. In some cases, money. And yet it really does not require a lot. Years ago, when I worked for a Financial Services firm, we all had to invest…

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That Difficult Conversation – How to have a Feedback Conversation

I often hear from client managers that feedback is difficult because employees don’t want to hear it. And I hear from team members that they don’t receive good feedback. Clearly there is an opportunity here for better management of those difficult conversations. What makes them difficult in the first place?…

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Is This How You Earn Trust?

Recently my mother in law accepted an update from a software company who will remain unnamed. But they link their name to a cup of Joe. Wink..Wink.

As a result of this update she had also taken on a new task bar that she was unfamiliar with and that she did not want. You see this software company whose name rhymes with lava had already checked
the “opt in” box so that my mother in law would have to “opt out” versus “opt in” to receive the tool bar.

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