Compassionate Coaching

I recently came across some research that shows that developing people is a skill that many
leaders lack. Lominger a Leadership Think Tank has identified 67 competencies that make for effective leaders. Both managers, and their direct reports, rank the leaders skill at developing people
as the least developed skill.
Did I read that right? Leaders, (who are most effective when they can deploy talented, motivated individuals), do not have the skills to develop that talent that they need for success?

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Is There a Role For Love In Business?

Recently there was a study reported in that shared a study from France. There are two aspects of the study I find interesting. One is how our choice of words has an impact on the outcome of our communications. (I’ve talked about that before).  The other is the specific word…

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Is This How You Earn Trust?

Recently my mother in law accepted an update from a software company who will remain unnamed. But they link their name to a cup of Joe. Wink..Wink.

As a result of this update she had also taken on a new task bar that she was unfamiliar with and that she did not want. You see this software company whose name rhymes with lava had already checked
the “opt in” box so that my mother in law would have to “opt out” versus “opt in” to receive the tool bar.

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