Are We Getting The Best From Our Team

Recently I have been following and participating in a discussion on LinkedIn regarding the question of “What is the root cause of the mindset that fails to put customers first”. There are a whole
host of good observations and viewpoints on the topic. These, range from, the greed of executive leadership, to ivory tower thinking to the lack of “servant” mentality and so on. I think we could ask
this question of all of the organizations we work in. Recent studies have pointed out that, customers expectations continue to fall with respect to customer service. This does NOT …

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Business Leaders make a Difference

I was driving home last night and heard a brief interview with Jack Hanna on the radio. That’s right the wild animal guy talking about the Hope for Rwanda 2010 Gala being held here in Denver tonight. Jack reminded us of where this country has been, and the
incredible strides it has made to become 2009’s Top Business Reformer according to the World Bank’s “Doing Business report”.

A brief refresher; in 1994 there was another uprising and …

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It is Not a Moral Decision it is a Financial Decision.

I was reading in the recent issue of Business Week about how lenders have started to negotiate on principal
in some of the mortgages that are under water. It spoke of their fear of the precedent this would set, apparently with good reason.

There was a short story about a salesman who was able to make his payments. However, because his neighbor’s house has declined in value he wanted to renegotiate his loan or he would walk away. His
comment; “it’s not a moral decision it’s a …

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Been There Done That

I just returned from the Annual Institute for the HealthCare Financial Management Association in Seattle Wednesday and I attended the Region III Toastmasters Conference this morning to facilitate a presentation on leadership.  I saw extreme positions of leadership at these events. In Seattle, there were 27 rows of vendor booths.…

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