Doing the Right Thing


It is sometimes fashionable to make fun of Attorneys. Today I am not.

I just finished an article in Bloomberg Business Week Oct 25 – Oct 31 issue. It discussed David Boies, a successful attorney who when faced with a difficult decision made it quickly and decisively.
And he made it in a way that could have cost him his career.

He represented the New York Yankees and Time Warner for his firm. When Turner Broadcasting bought Time Warner they brought to the …

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Together and Yet Separate

I was at a Workshop last week and observed and disturbing and yet familiar sight. This was a group of hospital administrative workers representing admissions and billing. And there were a number of
facilities represented.

What was interesting was that the room by its nature was divided; Registration on the left and Billing on the right. In fact, as you watched the speakers you could see the two groups respond
separately to the questions. One astute facilitator caught this and dug a little deeper (and a little off topic) and we found that …

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Are You Playing For Your Star, Or As A Team

I just finished the book, How the Mighty fall by Jim Collins. In this book, he explores how once great companies fall from their pinnacle of success. One of the things that I noticed was that
companies were more successful when they grew their own talent. Often times when the mighty companies were in decline, they would look to outside leaders to “save” them.

This in turn made me think of an article I read recently by Jeffrey Pfeffer on He explored a study by Professor Boris Groysberg, of the Harvard
Business …

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Goodwill to Work

I just returned from conducting Mock Interviews with Good Will to Work . It is a program to help High School kids prepare for the work force. What a great experience on so many levels. First there were at least a dozen volunteers to conduct the interviews. These are people…

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Is it a Mission or a Job?

I recently read a post by Sandy Styer From Trusted Advisor Associates. It dealt with Apollo 13 and the model of collaboration that the Ground Control crew demonstrated for us. It is a great article
and you really should go read it here.

What leapt out at me was her sentence, “First, it’s no coincidence that the space missions were called missions. They weren’t projects or details or jobs, but missions. It took over
400,000 people to get a spacecraft launched, and all of them had a clear and …

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