Let’s Make it Easy

I have been doing some research for a project, surrounding identifying callers personality type and training to interact with them on their level. This was inspired by a podcast from The Harvard
IdeaCast with Matthew Dixon, the Managing Director of The Corporate Executive Board’s Sales and Service Practice. His article published in the Harvard
Business Reviews July/August edition is entitled, Why Delighting Your Customers is Overrated.

What a provocative statement. For most of my career I have learned and observed that a big part of the differentiations between my …

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A Good Example of What Customer Service Means

I recently was hired as the Business Development guy at a start up. In the beginning I have been using a CRM tool Free CRM to track contacts, accounts, Pipeline and Activity. And ,yes it is free.

Friday they had some problems with their servers. With Free what do you expect: not the following

FreeCRM Customer Service Update
Post-Mortem Notification for August 19th Issue
Dear FreeCRM Customer,

First, I would personally like to offer our sincerest apologies for any issues …

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What Possessed Her?!

I had an interesting experience this week. Nancy was going to grill lamb burgers and we were out of propane. One of the benefits of our neighborhood has always been the local garage that sold propane. It used to be a British Petroleum Station. It converted to Conoco about 2-years…

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