They Get It – Office Depot

Every once and awhile, I encounter a business where I get customer service that stands out. This happened yesterday at Office Depot on Colorado Boulevard and Evans.
I went in for a keyboard for my iPad. When I got back the box had been opened and it was missing a cable and operating manual.

They took it back no charge and before I left the store we checked the  box to ensure it was all there.

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Can we leverage design to improve business services?

Fast Company Magazine recently issued its Design Issue. I love this it
is full of useful gadgets. I also like the idea of design. How can I
make the customers experience with my organization better?

  • – OXO Kitchen tools have large black rubberized handles to make them
  •   easier to grasp.
  • – Apple famously has produced an elegant interface with their iproducts.
  • – The Dyson Vacuum cleaner maintaining it’s suction.

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Do You Even Care?

I mean do you care about your customer. I know many of you are all nodding your head vigorously. (I know I am). The question then is…do you show it? If so how?

Four months ago I started seeing a new Chiropractor. I like his work but what struck me last week was that I have not heard from my previous Dr. I was a twice a month client/patient. So now he is
out four months of revenue and he has no idea why? He may not even know I am gone.

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They Get it: Marriott

I recently celebrated a birthday. And in my email on my specific birthday I received an email from Marriott promoting a birthday gift. When I opened it they had credited me with a night towards my
“Elite” status. Not a big thing, I like staying at Marriott’s and it wasn’t expensive for them. But what it showed was that they valued me as a customer; to the point where they were willing to send
me something of value for my birthday.

Do you think I will look to Marriott for my next travel? …

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Headcount or Employee Loyalty what has more value

I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day. He was telling me about how they had switched suppliers of outsourced customer service. And then he
shared the frustration.

With his old supplier, when he received a customer complaint they would play a recording of the call. In some cases the call would be fine. In others my friend would suggest that the rep get some
re-training. When completed they supplier would call to say the rep is coming back …

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What Does Customer Service Mean; Really?

I have seen a couple of very interesting posts this week that struck me in the way that the companies went out of their way to make things right for their clients. These kinds of heroic tales always
inspire me. And yet there is the other side that says that customers don’t need heroics they really are quite satisfied with capable and competent service. So which is it? Let me quote my friend
Linda Farrar, “it depends.”

The first article I read was in Bloomberg Business Week, …

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