I Did Not Think The Policy Was a Commitment

Have you experienced a team member or manager that violated a policy? And when you confronted them they said, “I did not think a policy was a commitment.” I encountered this question in the new book by Fred Kofman Ph.D. The Meaning Revolution. In Fred’s story the executive shared that…

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They Get It – Office Depot

Every once and awhile, I encounter a business where I get customer service that stands out. This happened yesterday at Office Depot on Colorado Boulevard and Evans.
I went in for a keyboard for my iPad. When I got back the box had been opened and it was missing a cable and operating manual.

They took it back no charge and before I left the store we checked the  box to ensure it was all there.

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Can we leverage design to improve business services?

Fast Company Magazine recently issued its Design Issue. I love this it
is full of useful gadgets. I also like the idea of design. How can I
make the customers experience with my organization better?

  • – OXO Kitchen tools have large black rubberized handles to make them
  •   easier to grasp.
  • – Apple famously has produced an elegant interface with their iproducts.
  • – The Dyson Vacuum cleaner maintaining it’s suction.

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