Are We Sharing Value or is it Just Spin?

With all of our tweeting, blogging and updating are we just spinning or are we adding value? (Disclosure I am on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)

As I read the feeds and the updates I notice a trend. There is a lot of one way communication. People and organization are telling me things not necessarily engaging me. That leads me to wonder
where this will go.

One of the first rules of selling is let’s not “Show up and Throw Up. ” That is, we don’t want to sit down …

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Are you listening to your client? If not who is?

I was speaking with an ex Client the other day (She was a client from my time at another firm). She was telling me about the new supplier the hospital system had just brought in. It was a large
national company. As they came in to implement they told her about all of the processes she had that they would not be continuing because none of their other clients had these processes.

They had not taken the time to know Jennifer. So, she shared how she was adamant about her processes, because they were …

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Telling the Truth

I caught the Daily Show the other day as Jon Stewart was interviewing Bill Moyers and they were speaking about the quality and depth of Moyer’s interviews over the years. Moyers said something that
has been niggling at the back of my mind.

He was telling us why he no longer likes to interview politicians. And I paraphrase here “it’s because they want to conceal their thoughts not expose them.” He then offered a great example from our
current run up to the GOP Primary. As Newt Gingrich was interviewed and asked about …

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The difference a hug can make?

I visited Mom over the weekend for Mothers day. She has had a lot of medical appointments over the last few months and my Dad and I were talking about some of the more memorable experiences.

One was coming out of the orthopedic center in a snow storm and the young nurse that wheeled Mom out to the car and helped her into the car struck a nerve with my Dad when she hugged him as they
completed the task of getting Mom into the car.

A hug; …

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Your Attention – A Precious Resource

Reading in the April Issue of Science of Mind Magazine, I read the following quote by Gary Malkin, “One of the most precious
resources that human beings have, is the ability to pay attention; an attention that uses all parts of our self…”

Look at that again, our ability to pay attention is precious. And yet how are we using this resource? Look around a conference and see how many people are reading their Blackberry’s or
IPhones instead of listening to the speaker they …

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Are Our FaceBook Friends Real?

Recently, I have seen a lot of commentary on the web and in print on the power of our “Social Peers” to influence us. In a Business Week article about the story surrounding “Social Network the Movie”, the authors proclaim that the knowledge
that your friends like Coca Cola is way more influential than traditional advertising. Maybe.

I also follow the writer Charles H. Green who, as co-author of the book The Trusted Advisor, is something of a thought leader …

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