Your Attention – A Precious Resource

Reading in the April Issue of Science of Mind Magazine, I read the following quote by Gary Malkin, “One of the most precious
resources that human beings have, is the ability to pay attention; an attention that uses all parts of our self…”

Look at that again, our ability to pay attention is precious. And yet how are we using this resource? Look around a conference and see how many people are reading their Blackberry’s or
IPhones instead of listening to the speaker they …

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Are Our FaceBook Friends Real?

Recently, I have seen a lot of commentary on the web and in print on the power of our “Social Peers” to influence us. In a Business Week article about the story surrounding “Social Network the Movie”, the authors proclaim that the knowledge
that your friends like Coca Cola is way more influential than traditional advertising. Maybe.

I also follow the writer Charles H. Green who, as co-author of the book The Trusted Advisor, is something of a thought leader …

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Computing in the Palm of your hand…literally

Iver the last few days I have had several conversations with people, remembering when we had to look for a pay phone to make a call. And how if we needed a computer we had to go into a special room
to share one. Today many of us have two cell phone, a desktop and a laptop and perhaps a notebook. This video from TED talks that was shared with me by Dr. Mercola shows that TODAY…RIGHT NOW! we can compute, take pictures and make a phone
call with the palm of our hands. You …

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The Gift of Listening,

Think back to the person you fell in love with. Do you remember the feeling you had when they listened to every word you said? Do you remember how intently you listened to them unravel their story, so you could get to know them better? take a moment and savor…

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