Want to Build a Culture that works

Are you looking for a formula to get your team to do their job? Do you ever wonder why they just don’t get the culture? I watched a leader reinforce culture
just last week.

Some of you know I sell for a collection agency. I was meeting with a small Critical Access Hospital. and During the Q & A portion of the interview, I heard the CEO mention their “Calling Group”
evenings. I had to learn a little more. …

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Is your attorney client privilege really confidential

I love my mobile device. It helps me stay connected, it gives me a chance to keep up on emails and it is convenient. It is also
. We can become complacent with them and reveal information we don’t want to.

I am sitting in the Des Moines airport waiting for my flight when a young attorney sits down and fires up his phone. He is calling back to the attorney of his client. There are about 45 people

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Don’t Complain about What you Permit

In my position I get to exhibit at a lot of conferences. In some cases I get to sit in on the sessions also. AA few months back I had the chance to listen to Mamie
McCullough. She had actually worked with Zig Ziglar. She was full of Pithy statements, but one that I really liked was, Don’t complain about what you permit”. Listen to that again. “Don’t
Complain About What You Permit”.

How many of …

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Getting to Know You

I was at a tradeshow in Albuquerque a while back and Stride Inc. was there supporting the local office supply
distributor, by manning the booth and handing out Schwag. In addition to the goodies was a brief description of the company and an introduction to James.

James is a new employee who came to Stride through a program that helps students with special needs find employment. This was his first job and he likes working with the multi-color pen packs the
best. …

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Who is Managing the Business of America: The Market, or the Business Leader

It is with ironic interest that I see the media hyperbole regarding the market and investors. It seems investors are our bell weather for the state of the economy. If the market is up everyone is
happy. If the market is down we all get nervous. Yet I ask myself why?

Today’s Wall Street Journal whines that investors are worried. Well pardon me, so is the business leader. They want to build a business. They have customers and ideas. They can’t get financing
because the investors are worried.

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“Well, I Did My Part”

I heard a pilot say something the other night that says a lot about the culture he works in. For futurists I think you may be able to predict the  future of the
airline as well from this comment.

Our flight was late and it was taking an extra long time to bring the gate checked bags up. The passengers were grumbling on the sub-freezing jet-way when the pilot says “Oh they are sure running
slow with your bags, well …

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