Does Higher Education Make you Lie??!!!

I was shocked when I read the statistics. In the March issue of Vanity Fair magazine,  the 60 minutes/Vanity Fair Poll revealed that the more highly educated you are the more justified you feel in lying!!! The question was, “Should you always tell the truth?” The answers were: Without college…

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Bitterness and Hyperbole…Really:

Recently I opened Facebook and caught a comment by an author whose book had uplifted me and he was joined on the comment thread by another inspiring author. Both of these gentlemen are nationally
known speakers and writers on leadership. They speak to the need for authenticity and genuineness in business, and how our intentions matter and how we should look to inspire others with our actions.

And then I read further. They were both complaining about how a specific politician was full of hyperbole and bitterness and how no politician had ever …

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It Depends

I used to joke with one of my colleagues that I should care a box of Depends™ Diapers with us on calls because this was her favorite phrase. And then someone asked me in a different context; “Why
should it depend. Why should the service your customer receives depend on who is at the register or who is on duty this day”?

This is a good question. I know what Linda would say. How about you?

Linda would say, “There are so many variables in the service we deliver.” …

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Are you threatening the lives of your team: Why disrespect is seen as a threat to life.

I recently reconnected with an old friend and colleague who I worked with early in my career. Jack Hoban is an author, a combat instructor
and a corporate transformation executive. His new book The Warrior Ethic presents an interesting premise:

When you disrespect someone, (in their mind back in the reptilian brain) you are threatening their life. Is it any wonder that practice isn’t working so well?

In an environment where over half of us are not engaged in our jobs and …

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Wondering about Employee Engagement

Most employees come to work and are eager to do good work. They also want to develop mastery, according to studies reported by Daniel Pink in his book Drive. Yet, often we see managers stifling the
engagement of the employee.

One way we do this is by delegating too specifically. Suppose I want the employee to rearrange the shelf of product on aisle 3? If I tell them that I want the larger cans on the bottom and the
smaller on top they leave with the idea that I don’t trust their …

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The Emotional Paycheck

In one of my LinkedIn groups the question was asked, by David R Frick, “Emotional paychecks are
often more valued than financial ones. How do you calculate the emotional value and how often do you pay them?” Good question don’t you think?

Gallup has conducted a number of surveys that demonstrate that beyond a certain income, our
baseline of happiness does not increase. They are also known for their employee engagement work. They have …

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