How versus Technology and Price: And the winner is…

I was reading from the Blog,“Trust Matters” The other day. A line caught my attention.  It was one I had heard before and one that holds
value still.“Take care of your customers and competition will take care of itself.”

I work in an industry with 6,000 competitors. We compete on a national, regional and at the local levels. (I should add I have worked with some of the very best in the industry, game changers). Over
the years, I have watched companies react in different …

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Are Jobs Key to the Recovery?

As I was walking out of the Gym today, I glanced at the TV monitors and the headline read, “Are Jobs Key to the Recovery?”…DUH, Of course, they are key. Part of the reason the market melted down was because Wall Street and the Great Pool of Money was busy doing deals and creating money out of thin air.

A recovery won’t happen until Main Street recovers along with the markets. What that means is real people doing real working making real things and selling them.

When I read of companies like Simmons Mattress who have been bought and sold, seven times …

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They Lost the Top Line in Pursuit of the Bottom Line

I was sitting at the airport last week, when I heard the guy behind me talking to his sales team. I heard the following; “We are not going to do anything about that issue right now.  People, I have worked for some really poor performing companies over the years and I have gotten very good at getting out of trouble. So if you need me to help you talk it out with a customer, get me involved.”

Did anyone else hear that the way I did?
–    We have a problem
–    We are not going to fix the problem
–    I’m …

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