Can Your Intentions Make A Difference?

I just finished reading a book “Manifesting Change” by Mike Dooley. The main premise of the book is that we often get hung up on “how” we will do something and we get stuck. He points out that it is more important to focus on what we want to accomplish and to start working towards that. Even if we take baby steps, you would be surprised at the results. Thinking on this I was reminded of my own experience.
As I graduated from college, my friend Dan and I were dreaming one night about our futures. In our dreams was Colorado, A career in Marketing and just the whole sense of living the dream.

I had also just finished a book, “The Magic of Thinking Big,” by David Schwartz. (This book was a life changer for me.) In it, he shared the benefits of setting a five-year plan. So, ion a moment of inspiration I sat down and in my mind saw myself living in Colorado, as a Marketing Manager (earning $30,000) a year and earning a Black Belt.

Fast-forward five years and two months. My Instructor was tying a black belt in Tae Kwon Do around my waist, in Denver, CO. I was employed as a Marketing Manager and I was making more than $30,000; I was living the Dream!

Here is the part I want to emphasize.

 I did not set out for Colorado. After graduation, my first job took me from Minnesota to St. Louis, MO. My next job was to be a Marketing Manager in Tennessee. At the last minute, they changed their minds and assigned me to Denver. Shortly thereafter, they transferred me to Denver. At no point did I interview for a job in Denver or even visit Colorado. What I did was get very clear about the life I wanted to live and then I started taking steps towards that goal (Marketing, Black Belt,…) and it is funny how the world responded.

Is it the Universe? Perhaps it is our subconscious mind working on our behalf. Who cares… it works. Think clearly, about what you want and move towards it, (even setting your intention prior to a call or meeting makes a difference) you will be pleasantly surprised by what happens.

Please share your experience in setting an intention and reaching a goal.

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