Can questions frame your answers and provide direction?

I have been participating in a study with Marshall Goldsmith over the last few weeks. In it I get a set of 7 questions. They were questions like:

  • Did you do your best to have positive interactions with others today?images
  • Did you do your best to set clear and specific goals today?
  • Did you do your best to work on your goals today?
  • Did you do your best to be fully engaged in what you were doing today?

One way to look at this study is it is a measurement of the answers to these questions tha
t will lead to some sort of conclusions about the participants. The other way to look at it was this was an end of the day self inquiry; kind of a forced self reflection.

What I noticed was that over the course of the study realizing that I was going to answer these questions, I became more self-aware throughout the day of my positive intentions, my goals and my engagement. And as a result I became more positive, more goal focused
and more engaged.

Interesting isn’t it, how when we give our mind a question how it will set about to answer it. What would happen if you created a set of questions 5 – 7 that you answered each day about how you were doing in the important areas of your life? How might your life change?

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