Being Human in Business Even When Everything is Changing


people in coffee shop

Two small business owner working in coffee shop preparing coffee

I write a lot here about the craft of creating and succeeding in business.  I deliberately use the word craft because building a business is a bit science and a bit art. There are proven strategies and tactics that, when applied, will propel your business to success. And then there are the elements that make your business yours. Your unique point of view and characteristics.

And speaking as a student that studied extra logic in college looking for the perfect argument, when times get tough it is easy to fall into rules and formulas. In times of uncertainty we look for certainty. Yet, much is uncertain.

We don’t always have to have the perfect plan to succeed and/or to have all the steps laid out. It is good to have a plan. But like Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

We can also be vulnerable. There has been a lot written about vulnerability and it’s role in leadership. It does not mean melting down and freaking everybody out. It can be that you are open to the fact that things are uncertain. And that you and your business are:

  • Willing to adapt
  • Open to creative collaboration
  • Willing to admit that you don’t have the answers now but that you can find them together
  • Going to persist

Let’s get real. In spite of all the social media posts in the mountains or eating fabulous foods, the world (and you if you are honest) is also anxious. You struggle with,” Will your business survive? Will you be able to get along again with your neighbors?” And that is authentic. That is real.

Do not let this uncertain world rob you of your vision, mission, and values. You have something you are here to do. As a business owner, you have the ability to literally change the world for your employees, your family, your customers, and your community.

Persevere…. you got to where you are through your strength of character and your passion. Keep showing up, keep serving, keep adapting. And keep contributing. People need, no, they are hungry to hear from those that are not stuck in “We have the best and only answer.” They are hungry to hear from those that are open and eager to creatively collaborate to produce the new economy and future.

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