Accountability…What is it Good For?

When we are accountable, there are a host of benefits:

Trust – people trust people that are accountable to their word.
Predictability – when we can count on others to be accountable, we can start to predict outcomes.
Conflict Reduction- many organizational conflicts come from missed expectations or missed promises.
Improved Performance – people can count on others to do their job, so they complete their part and more gets done.

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Did You Give Them Permission to Do That Terrible Thing?

This is not always easy, but you can create a culture of candor and accountability. You do it through practice and habit. When you understand the psychology, structure, and cadence of communication, you can leverage this to drive performance.

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Burnout is not always a people problem… Sometimes it’s the organization.

  Google “burnout” and you will find 85.6 million opinions on it. Most of which will say something like: Take a break Try Yoga Drink less caffeine Exercise Eat right As if it is the individuals issue and problem.  A deeper look at burnout in organizations points to organizational structure…

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