Aligned – Engaged – Accountable

How often have you said this, or heard someone say this?

  • “I don’t think my team has bought in.”
  • “My people don’t seem to be aligned.”
  • “They are not engaged they are just not all in.”
  • “How do I get them to be accountable?”

Here are some observations I have had with successful teams

  1. All of the players have a say in the plan. It may not be a big say, but they contribute. That means they know the answer to:
    1. Where are we going
    2. Why are we going
    3. Who are we serving
  2. The organization has invested in the team
    1. Training
    2. Coaching
    3. Growth plans
  3. There is visibility into progress of their performance and how it is contributing to the organization; as well, as how they stack up with their peers.

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