Communication is your super skill. It is the lever that moves your team into action, that inspires your audience of (one or many) and that engages your clients.

How often do you say to someone or hear:

  • “Get to the point quicker.”
  • “I am uncomfortable delegating and now I have to.”
  • “Are you or someone on your team uncomfortable giving or receiving feedback”?
  • “Are you or members of your team misunderstood?”
  • “Do you feel less than confident when speaking to an audience?”


I help emerging leaders whose teams are not performing, build award-winning teams by helping them to develop and deploy their communication skills so that they can advance to the next stage in their career.. We typically work through a six-step process:

  1. Create a clear vision of where you want to be (as a leader, your team’s performance, your own performance).
  2. Assess the current state, that is what is happening, what have you tried what obstacles have been present.
  3. Create a plan this plan can be to develop your own interpersonal leadership communication skills or it may be your team communication skills and structure. We will identify the leading and lagging indicators for success so that your communication aligns the team.
  4. You will execute on the plan and together we will evaluate and calibrate the action.
  5. You will identify and deal with resistance.
  6. You will create a sustainable plan of action to continue your success.

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